Private Lessons

Private lessons are an opportunity for 1:1 instruction that meets you where you are and is tailored to your skill level. Available in person or online. $75 per hour or for increments less than an hour $15 set up fee and $1 per minute. To schedule email me at

Online Classes

Autumn in the Paint Series

This fall Rebecca Z. will be teaching 5 different classes detailed below! If you’re not able to attend the live class, don’t worry! You will receive a video recording of the class within 24 hours of the class!

Pet Portrait

August 26th at 1:30pm-4:30pm (EST)

via Zoom

This class will be happening on International Dog Day! The perfect time to explore host of techniques to help you paint perfect pet portraits (say THAT 3 times real fast!) We’ll explore painting smooth and curly fur and teeth, and talk about how to bring life into their eyes. <3 I promise, this will be a class that you will not want to miss. It’s such a fun lesson and one of my favorite subjects! 

Autumn Pumpkins

September 9th at 1:30-4:30pm (EST)

via Zoom

Autumn is that time of year where we begin to feel that crisp in the air, we start to look forward to the treats of fall like pumpkin pies, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course that annual visit to the pumpkin patch! Join me as we bring these autumnal fruits to life in our paintings. We will learn how to paint and create colorful shadows that create form, textures, and tell us clearly about the source of light. Bring your favorite fall treat to class (aka your computer table) and let’s celebrate this season of warmth and gratitude while we play in the paint together. 

Cezanne Inspired Still Life

September 23 at 1:30-4:30pm (EST)

via Zoom

Cezanne was a French and Post-Impressionist painter. He is known best for his intensely beautiful oil paintings, but did you know that he was also a watercolorist?! The impressionists referred to him as “the father of us all”. In this class we’ll learn more about the master, and I’ll show you a technique I’ve developed that helps us to mimic his oil paintings in watercolor! To achieve that “Cezanne flair” we will work from dark to light…a classic oil painting approach. This class will grow your skills as well as your appreciation for Cezanne’s beautiful artwork. Come, be inspired! 

Butterflies in a Bunch

October 7th at 1:30-4:30pm (EST)

via Zoom

In this class we’ll play in the paint together again as we learn how to create these ethereal creatures in a whimsical style. We will take this lesson to learn and explore the colors on our palettes, to get acquainted with their transparency, and to exploit that understanding to convey a sense of translucency to the butterly wings! Once we know the nature of our colors, we can harness the power of painting in layers and use watercolor’s transparent nature to our advantage! We’ll also work around the color wheel to reinforce our understanding of how to pair colors for the most beautiful results. 

Lowcountry Landscape

October 21 at 1:30-4:30pm (EST)

via Zoom

These marsh landscape visions are an absolutely mesmerizing part of the landscape along our coast. They convey peace and solitude in such a special way and collectors are always looking for more. 

Painting this landscape will give us another opportunity to explore the painting of textures. This time we will paint nature’s varying landscape textures. I’ll show you a bunch of techniques for painting leaves, Spanish moss, grasses, and clouds. This class is loaded with content, and I just know that you’ll come away with lots of new tricks that will be useful in all your future landscapes. 

This class is for you if…
– You are a new to watercolor
– You’ve tried watercolor, but haven’t painted for a while
– You get into trouble painting in watercolor on your own 
– You feel as if there are gaps in your knowledge
I plan to cover: best practices, materials, set- up, a variety of washes, altering edge quality, water management, color basics, image transfer methods, a variety of resist techniques, preservation of whites, ways to reclaim whites when they are lost and layering color. 

So often in our hurry to make pretty pictures, we skip the basics. It’s possible to get started and paint without really knowing what you’re doing, but at some point, the gaps in your knowledge can hold you back. 

In Studio Classes

Currently I am not offering group classes in the Studio due to COVID-19. However, I would love to welcome you to one of my online classes Or to private lessons as described above!