Let me ask you this…

If I picked a color on your palette could you answer these questions?  

  • Do you know the name of that color?  
  • How strong is it?  
  • Does it move easily in water?
  • Is it bossy or wimpy in mixes?  
  • Will it create bright and clean colors in mixes?  
  • Does using it in a mix create more neutralized color?  
  • What colors on your palette will neutralize that color? 
  • Does it cover other colors (opaque) or is it transparent? 

If you’re not sure you could answer these questions about every color on your palette, it’s time to make a change!  It’s time to use a Color Wheel!

“The only way to learn about your colors is to use them”.  

My suggestion?  Use a limited palette for a while.   

Limited palette is a term that means creating color mixes from a limited number of pigments.  There are so many advantages to this approach!

  • When colors have similar foundations, the paintings that result will always have a sense of holding together with harmony throughout.  
  • Limiting your palette teaches you how these colors mix and perform. 
  • AND, the colors are not as limited as you might think. 

You might be saying, “But I LOVE COLOR!”

I do too!  But keep this in mind…

So…here’s my idea (finally!)

  •  Pick a triad of a red/yellow/blue on your palette
  • Download the Color Wheel Template provided below (you can always find it under resources on my website as well!) or create your own!
  • create a color wheels like the ones pictured here.  
  • Be sure to use the good watercolor paper you normally use. (The reason being, you want to see how your paint behaves under normal conditions.
  • Try to create a gradation of value within each wedge of the pie shape.

Try 3 colors from my BASIC 6 (click to order from Amazon)
Use these colors or try using your own!

These color wheels force you to explore the possibilities a triad of colors can achieve.  They also give you a chance to practice (something we never can do enough).  

I hope this helps you! Happy Painting…
With love and light,