After years of dedicating her life to family, one cold winter day Rebecca Z. stood on the front porch and waved goodbye to the youngest two (of her four) children. It was a quiet moment. No one would have ever imagined the magnitude of that quiet moment, and that was the point.  Nobody but her knew how empty it felt.

Everyone else had a focus that kept their attention and gave their life purpose and meaning. She had just waved goodbye to hers. The big smiles on their faces were in stark contrast to the way she felt.  In that moment, she realized nobody but her was responsible for giving meaning to her life. It was time to find a new path for herself that would give meaning and purpose to her life. 

In that moment was born a voracious search for something that felt fulfilling. The joy of painting became Rebecca Z.’s answer and an all consuming passion for this South Carolina artist. In a matter of a few short years, she became an accomplished award-winning local art professional, and a signature Member in Excellence of the South Carolina Watermedia Association. Very quickly she became known as Rebecca Z. Artist.

From there, she has evolved into an enthusiastic art instructor, who enjoys sharing the joys of painting and living a creative life with her students. She regularly teaches students how to paint and enjoys hosting live events in her studio, online, and even internationally.  

Her Art/Travel Adventures combine some of her favorite pastimes: travel, good food, and painting. For the past 10 years she has led Eat, Paint, Love tours to Italy and Ireland with a focus on sketchbook painting and occasional cooking lessons. 

Her artwork is adventurous and her methods and materials are varied. Spanning the spectrum between watercolor realism and mixed media abstraction, she enjoys entertaining herself and others with a variety of subjects and techniques.   

Weekly Classes in her studio offer intimate, personalized inspiration and encouraging instruction from Rebecca Z. herself.

Special workshops allow for deep dives into subjects that include mixed media, watercolor, and abstract painting.

Rebecca Z.’s paintings may be viewed at her studio gallery located at 9713 N King’s Hwy, Unit #207, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29582. They may also be viewed Rebecca’s paintings my also be viewed on Artwok Archive .  Her blog and schedule may be found on her website and Instagram @ RebeccaZArtist. and on Facebook.  Prints of her work are also sold via Fine Art America online and available through the artist directly.

About Rebecca Zdybel

Artist’s Statement

The beauty of the world around me has always been apparent and exciting to me. I began to paint in order to attempt to capture that beauty in some way through my art. Playing with shape and color, line and texture, I like to go beyond what I see and explore possibility in my work. I don’t want to limit my perspective or technique, nor do I want to constrain my approach in any way. I love having every option available to me. This makes the journey toward completion of a painting exhilarating. Anything is possible! My perspective is reflected in the variety of mediums and approaches used in my work.

Why I Teach

The exchange between my students and I is one of the most personally rewarding things I do as an artist. I know first-hand the power that art has to transform people’s lives in a positive way. I love to share that transformative energy with my students. Art is a gift, and for me that gift is not complete until it is given away.

Furthermore, I also treasure the exchanges of the heart that often happen when a painting sells and goes home with an enthusiastic collector. Often that exchange turn into a friendship. My determination to donate proceeds from my sales to charity is often a factor. Together with, (and thanks to) my collectors, we try to make the world a little kinder place through charitable donations.

Where I teach:

  • Formerly at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (Coastal Carolina University)
  • Currently at Il Chiostro, Inc. – Teaching art on location in Italy
  • Currently offering Private instruction at Rebecca Z Artist Studio Gallery located at 9713 N Kings Hwy, suite 207, Myrtle Beach, SC, 29572-
  • Current online teaching schedule available here:

Goal for Sales: Charitable Donation

I love the exchange which happens when others share an enjoyment of my paintings. When it comes to sales, I admire the concept of doing good while doing business. Charitable donation is at the heart of my business plan and a minimum of 30% of my art sales goes to charity. My goal is to partner with collectors in order to create a win-win-win transaction. I ask patrons to share specific charities they like to support and we work together to make a donation from all sales. I hope to sell art and also sell the idea of doing good while doing business.