A note about these comments from students:

To be honest, the reason I teach is because I love to share what I’ve learned about art.  These comments from students are priceless! It is with deep gratitude that I received each of these reasons to smile!

My life has been transformed by the decision to focus on art full time.  The hours of preparation and painting to get ready for a lesson are merely a means to the real payoff…and that is the exchange of good creative energy which takes place between my students and I.  This exchange happens both in class and out.

The relationships I have formed through art have been wonderful. The comments below were unsolicited and heartfelt, and each one means more to me than any paycheck ever could.  I am so grateful for the enthusiasm and warmth that is reflected in these quotes.  Thank you to each of you who have taken the time to write me with your kind remarks. I appreciate it more than you know. ❤

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Comments from students and fellow travelers (who are all amazing themselves, by the way!):

“Rebecca, It dawned on me today how enjoyable I find your classes and then I smiled silently ( as I was drying my hair, and often “deep think” then because my hair is thick and takes a good amount of time). I thought, it is like climbing a stairway to heaven, going up to your studio. There, in your room, with those people, where race, sexual preferences, politics, socio-economic position, etc, etc do not matter and are not really ever much discussed, because we are all concentrating soooo strongly on one common cause. In my heart, everything up there in your ” heavenly room” is about making the world a prettier, more meaningful place, by our efforts to produce a piece that will make someone, who may eventually see it, say “Ah ha, that piece just gives me a good feeling.” At least, that is my goal and I know other students may have other reasons for what they are all working on, but those particulars do not matter, because for me my heart is in heaven in your studio. Thanks for all you do. “

“Honestly, I have never had such an awesome, inspiring, upbeat teacher. If you want to take the best art class ever? Look no further. She’s the absolute best. I can’t sleep the night before because I’m so excited!”

Best instructor I’ve ever come across in my 62 yrs!! Not only is Rebecca very talented, she’s also patient, enthusiastic and helpful. Her lessons are engaging, clearly explained and to the point. Try it!! You’ll like it!!! Or you may love it, as I do!!!

Thanks so much for your love, support and great teaching. I really appreciate it. I am determined to master the concepts of watercolour (oops…the Canadian spelling…lol). I still struggle with the movement of the color on paper…too wet…not wet enough but it will come. I appreciate the hand outs of instructions and hints. I am one of those people who learn easier with a written guideline especially after class when I work on my project at home and you are not there to guide me…. You are a very loving and nurturing teacher and friend.

Overall (we) would rate our experience as 5/5 . San Fedele was a special place that we will remember forever. The II Choistro staff was excellent especially Michael . The food was very good and Andrea was great . The excursions added a nice touch but sometimes I felt we could use more time at San Fedele. Not enough hours in the day . The wine tasting at San Fedele we thought was great. Becky and Paul are two very special and talented friends. We will highly recommend this special vacation .

Dear Rebecca…
Thank you for providing such an exceptional trip…my dream come true! Your preplanning was so evident and made for a smooth exciting week.

It was enriching to have you as our guide, teacher, host and traveling companions. You are examples of life “well lived” and sharing it with others…

I wish you all the best, and will continue to savor these precious memories…

Thank you so much for helping me 100 times 100 since I can’t express to you enough How your instruction, patience and ever present support and encouragement helped create this.

“Oh my; trying to explain the feeling I get from being at your studio, partaking of your delightfully inspiring personality, doing art, surrounded by intriguing projects, learning new techniques, just having fun with like-minded women!!! Feels like home to you; feels like OZ to me!!!!!”

I have been studying with Rebecca for almost two years and her instructor skills, enthusiasm, and support are incomparable.

Thank you again for taking your time to help us become “loose women”!  We learned a lot and were reminded to have fun and play, which is a great thing to remember.  We enjoyed our class so much and look forward to more painting adventures! Thanks again!

I want to thank you for all the wonderful lessons and tips that you provide at the beginning of each class. I find them very informative and helpful. Although I have much more to learn, I feel that I have done much better this year and have more confidence in attempting to paint things that I had a fear of painting in watercolor like buildings, people, water etc.

You are a wonderful, giving, genuine and caring artist-teacher. You willing share what you know for the love of art. Thanks also for your patience.

Please say good-bye to all of my painting friends and wish them a wonderful year. See you in January, next year.

Just wanted to touch base with you and let u know that I was so enthused with class yesterday! I have so many things to ask you how to do and it feels for the first time like I can make my own imprint. I am so grateful u are sharing knowledge and teaching. You are such a blessing.

Thanks for all your encouragement. I enjoy watercolors so. It just makes me happy. I think you are a really gifted teacher because you are very knowledgeable and have a way of accessing someones work and making just the right suggestions to improve their piece. You also seem to revel in each persons style. I think the encouragement we all give each other is so great. I truly love everybody’s work. It amazes me what we all produce.

Your studio is an oasis in my life and I look forward to returning!

…Your expertise, sense of humor and grace make working with you and listening to you a joy. I know you were perceived that way by everyone. I see you as an ambassador for the art world. Thank you, …

Thank you so much for spending your time to continually help your students get their work shown.

I’m already missing you… I said to (name withheld) when we got in her van to leave class on Thursday, “I should just pack up and move to the beach.” I don’t know if that can happen, but I will be back next Winter for sure!

Thanks so very much for leading these classes. They, and you, have been a blessing for me!

Rebecca– Again, thanks for a fun class. I always find that after your classes I am able to find increased enjoyment and freedom in my painting.

I am actually getting my collage framed today. My husband loves it. He was so skeptical the first couple of weeks into the collage and could not picture what it would be like when finished…..big and pleasant surprise for him!

Take care and thanks for all the inspiration! I can’t wait for next winter.

One of your abstract students brought her completed piece to (another instructor’s) class and explained what a wonderful teacher you were.
That she’d never done abstracts before and you’d led them through the structure and layering needed.
Linda Ketron
Director, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
Division of Academic Outreach
Coastal Carolina University

Rebecca –Thank you for the supply list and all the wonderful positive energy and encouragement you bring to class as a teacher and fellow artist. I am so enjoying all that is unfolding….it’s all inspiring…learning…much needed for me as an artist on so many different levels. You are a gift….I so look forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday and all that transpires and inspires.

Hi Rebecca once again class was just amazing. We were all so apprehensive however your enthusiasm was so contagious you reached into everyone of us and drew out something we never knew we had. I can’t wait to try another one of these projects. Thank you for your patience it was a wonderful experience.

Really enjoyed class today your abstracts are beautiful. Looking forward to next week.

…you inspire me to be creative.

You touch and make a difference more than you realize…you have lit the fire and i look forward to all the gasoline you can muster …I look forward to that ROAR….That’s how I feel “Wednesday can’t come soon enough” class gives a whole new meaning to hump day

(The following was kindly sent to my boss at Coastal Carolina University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Center- OLLI)

Hi Linda, I am a long time student of Danny McLaughlin’s at OLLI and introduced you to Rebecca Zdybel. I am taking her abstract class on Fridays and attended her free class last week. She did an amazing job and kept 13 students thoroughly engaged, taking notes and asking questions during her 44 page power point presentation on Color Theory. Her humor, enthusiasm and impeccable knowledge of all things art captured all who attended. The three hour class was filled with valuable information, examples to pass around, and her lovely art work to view. Rebecca will be a great asset to OLLI.

Great relaxing class today! Everybody just doing their own thing, fantastic!

Fantastic info Rebecca and very, very useful. Thanks!!!

It’s a great goal each week to set aside time to create new ideas. I really like the teaching style of Rebecca. Inspirational, creative, and always has new ideas.

your enthusiasm and willingness to share your extraordinary talent has changed my life.

Thank you so much for all the research and preparation that went into our class today. You should be teaching at college level….you are amazing!

Class was wonderful! Seeing everyone’s work was very special and as you critiqued the work we all learned from each other’s questions. We must go down that path again. Next weeks class as you described will be very valuable to me.

Looking forward to your valued opinion.

I can’t wait to see you and participate in our next class.

Thank you for a great art class you are a great inspiration

That’s such a great idea!
Just another one of those things which makes you such a great instructor.
You are very good at things like that which help your students remember lessons 🙂
I miss taking classes from you. I always learned a lot.

This is so exciting!

We will be painting in a much improved manner due to your wonderful tutelage.. I appreciate you so much!

Thank you so much for the encouragement.

It would be a challenge for me to let go of painting an image but isn’t that what this class is all about going places we have never been? I want to tell you again how much I appreciated all the time and effort you put into class last week it was a wonderful experience.

I really liked your post titled “Therapy or Art Class? I choose ART!”

I have always felt that way about art. For me, creating art has always been a calming and therapeutic method of relaxing. And once you get a finished piece that looks great…Wow!

…wow great information. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help and encouragement…I am going to print out your emails today so I can keep them in my notebook for reference. You are the best!! You should be a college professor for sure. Have a wonderful day you made one of your flock very happy.

Thank you so much for the encouragement… It would be a challenge for me to let go of painting an image but isn’t that what this class is all about going places we have never been? I want to tell you again how much I appreciated all the time and effort you put into class last week it was a wonderful experience.

Thank you so much for all your information, praise and encouragement. We are so very blessed to have you and your God given wonderful talent. I can hardly wait to experience your suggestions in class.

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  • Great comments from all of your students! You must be doing something right :^)

    • rzdybel says:

      I have the best students ever! They are a total gift to me and their response to my teaching is what fuels my efforts. Thanks for your comment. =)

  • Haley Z says:

    Wow what amazing reviews! I'm so proud of you!

  • I just stumbled on your blog pages about the cave art; I watched the UKTV video and enjoyed the images you posted. While I was watching, I had some thoughts about the observations re how these same types of images were found in France and in South Africa.

    Anyone who has seen the art of Australian aborigines has seen images that are strikingly similar


    There are also many strikingly similar images in the rock art of Southwest U.S.

    Not only the superimposing of image on top of image, but the types of things that were painted, and the grids and other "geometric" or "mathematical" shapes appear throughout.

    Sounds like human brain wiring is human brain wiring and that our experiences are the same across time. The Buddhists say that the only time is NOW. It's all happening NOW.

    So interesting, thanks for what you share.

    • rzdybel says:

      Thats such an interesting point Laurel. It makes sense, given the evidence. I've come to believe that perhaps the shamanic experience taps into that universal unconscious that was postulated by Jung. The concept of it all happening NOW is cool to consider. Thanks for your comments…always fun to generate a dialog about these posts with people who are interested. =)

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