Master Material List

NOTE– refer to my website for my basic list of watercolor supplies. At minimum you will want to have the colors on my beginner supply list for all classes. You can find that here: For my other supplemental colors, you can see my fun to have supply list here:

** Signifies that the product is optional.

  • Watercolors (mentioned above)
  • Arches watercolor paper. I will be using ½ sheets (15×22) as well as ¼ sheets (11×15) and would suggest buying full sheets and tearing them as optimal.
  • A gator board to paint on (You may tape your painting to the board if a white border is desired. It will also help to keep your painting flat) a piece of plywood or a lightweight paper board covered in plastic packing tape can also be used.
  • Brushes-
    • a good liner or rigger brush
    • cheap liner brush for masking fluid application.  These type brushes have long thin synthetic hairs.  The cheaper the better for masking fluid usage. (there’s a perfect one included in the pack linked below)
    • a natural hair mop brush (note that this pack of brushes includes a cheap liner and a Lovely soft round brush in addition to A liner brush) OR Oriental Calligraphy Brush
      Oriental brushes are often this variety of “mop” style.  You can use a cheap variety (squirrel)or a more expensive type (sable).  You’ll know it’s a mop if its bristles are in the shape of a “teardrop”
    • **A small deerfoot stippler could be helpful- I will demonstrate it’s use. You could make your own by cutting down a stiff bristle brush to create a short stiff bristle brush. 
    • Soft wash brush or hake brush (Can substitute the natural hair mop brush in the set linked above)
    • 1/2 inch flat synthetic with some “snap” (not too soft) for lifting and paint applications
    • brushes of your choice including rounds and flats
  • Masking fluid
  • Palette Knife
  • A plastic straw, dip pen, or architect’s ruling pen for masking fluid application
  • Scissors
  • Kleenex/paper towel
  • Water container                          
  • A black watercolor crayon– I will be using a Stabilo woody crayon in black. A Black watercolor pencil could also be used as a substitute.
  • **Watercolor Pencils
  • **American Journey watercolor medium from Cheap Joes