Reference photo by Wendy Kovac- used with permission

Class Description

These marsh landscape visions are an absolutely mesmerizing part of the landscape along our coast. They convey peace and solitude in such a special way and collectors are always looking for more. 

Painting this landscape will give us another opportunity to explore the painting of textures. This time we will paint nature’s varying landscape textures. I’ll show you a bunch of techniques for painting leaves, Spanish moss, grasses, and clouds. This class is loaded with content, and I just know that you’ll come away with lots of new tricks that will be useful in all your future landscapes. 

Materials List

  • Watercolors see my supply lists and
  • Pre-drawn sketch of reference photo on your Arches watercolor paper (I will be painting on a 15×22 ½ sheet of Arches. (Moulin du Roy also acceptable) Note- if you use another type of paper, it WILL impact your results. I strongly recommend not using sketch paper or any other brands for any of my classes. 
  • A gator board to paint on (You may tape your painting to the board if a white border is desired. It will also help to keep your painting flat)
  • Kleenex/paper towel
  • Water container
  • Palette Knife
  • Brushes- I will be using a variety of brushes to convey texture for this class.
    • A good liner or rigger brush.  
    • Another brush I will demonstrate is a natural hair mop brush. Oriental brushes are often this variety of “mop” style.  You can use a cheap variety (squirrel)or a more expensive type (sable).  You’ll know it’s a mop if its bristles are in the shape of a “teardrop”. 
    • A small deerfoot stippler could be helpful- I will demonstrate it’s use. You could make your own by cutting down a stiff bristle brush to create a short stiff bristle brush. 
    • Soft wash brush will also be helpful
    • other brushes of your choice

Reference Photos for Download/Print