Pen and Wash Pears: Painting from Life Class Information

Class Description:

In this basic class, we will address the foundational need to draw when painting with watercolor. I will show you my favorite way to draw from life. It’s a simple drawing technique that we will turn into a whimsical painting. We’ll even get a chance to snack along the way 😉

We will also explore the subject of how to bring life to our shadows, and how to use them in compositions. We will also touch on lettering and my favorite way to compose a sketchbook page. Lots of goodies in this fun little lesson!

Materials List:

  • Micron 05 black or brown 
  • Watercolors
  • Watercolor paper 
  • Optional but fun- Watercolor marker or watercolor pencil in neutral color (tan or gray) – I will demo with a Tombow color 967 watercolor marker
  • 1 sunny Yellow (new gamboge, or lemon yellow/aureolin yellow) 
  • 1 darker yellow (quinacridone gold/winsor yellow deep, raw sienna)
  • Quin Burnt orange or burnt sienna
  • 3 Blues (Antwerp, manganese, cobalt) 
  • A piece of fruit.  I will be using pears but an apple or an orange could work well too. If you use another piece of fruit, then adjust colors accordingly.
  • For an apple: in addition to the above colors add a permanent rose and/or permanent alizarin crimson , scarlet lake, and cadmium red medium/light
  • For an orange: in addition to above colors add vermillion or Cad red light, and cadmium orange