Playful Poppies Sketch

Note on Using a Grid draw:

A grid is the perfect way to transfer a drawing from one place to another. It can take into account proportion and naturally help you scale up or down while keeping proportions the same. I have included a grid in the materials here to help you sketch this complicated drawing. It’s my favorite style of grid to use! 

You can make your own corresponding grid on whatever size paper you have by following these directions. Make your pencil marks light enough to erase easily once your drawing is finished. 

Here are the steps to follow to Draw a Grid:

  • first find the center of each side of your paper
  • draw connecting horizontal and vertical lines to connect the center points 
  • this will leave you with 4 boxes of equal size
  • draw an “x” connecting the corners of each box diagonally to each other 
  • this will leave you with 4 equally sized “x’s”
  • see my example here for illustration