School of Fish Class Information

Class Description:
I’ll walk you through how to paint this playful school of fish based on a single drawing and just a few colors. We’ll also explore the effects of alcohol! On your paintings…and not you 😉 We will draw and paint this one together and everyone’s school of fish will turn our differently. You can even choose to paint your fish another color!

Materials List:

  • Watercolor paper torn into a square.  You’ll want a size large enough to have multiple fish.  If you want smaller fish, reduce the size of the fish image with your printer.  I think it’s easiest to work a little larger for this painting.  It gives you more room to play with arranging the fish.  I would make the fish drawing at least as big as your hand.
  • Line Drawing of fish 
  • I sheet of tracing paper or wax paper 
  • 1 sheet of wax free graphite transfer paper or a sheet of typing paper with fresh graphite covering one side.
  • Watercolors of your choice.  
  • 97% rubbing alcohol
  • Eyedropper or small spoon or straw for creating drops
  • Hairdryer or heatgun 
  • Your favorite watercolor brushes, water, a board for painting.  You may want to tape this painting to a board or work in a block to help keep it flat while we work.