Simple Abstract: A formula for success class information

Class Description: In this class we will use easy to follow guidelines to create our own unique watercolor abstract. All guidelines will be based on good design principles which we will discuss and then immediately apply.

I find that this “hear it- see it- do it” teaching method can be helpful when learning design concepts. This lesson will help you to see the practical application of design fundamentals in a fun and playful way. AND you’ll come away with your own unique abstract painting!

Materials List:

  • Pencil
  • eraser
  • watercolors in both cool and warm tones (my 6 basic colors are all you need, but more is always fun)
  • Watercolor paper  Something at least 8.5×11 or larger- no drawing in advance for this class 
  • Black Pens  (I suggest a Micron 05 black, Uniball Signo black, Use what you have)
  • White pens (Uniball Signo white, Posca Pen in White)
  • Other watercolor markers or pencils
  • paint pens
  • Gel pens could also be fun…use your imagination!  
  • I also enjoy watercolor crayons (caran d’ache, and woody crayons)
  • Metallic pens and watercolors could also be fun additions if you have them. 
  • Bottom line: use what you have and see how it performs 😊