Surreal Sunset Class Information

Class Description:
This lesson will allow us to practice wet into wet color applications of this amazing sunset or one of your own photographs!

The art of the multicolor wash is an essential watercolor skill. Painting a sunset without it turning green takes a strategy and I’ll show you mine. Look through your own photographs or use one of mine.

Materials List:

  • Watercolors:  2 bright yellows (Winsor yellow/new gamboge) 2 reds ( Quin Rose, Scarlet lake, Quin coral) 2-3 blues (Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt, Manganese)
  • a fine mist bottle
  • a hake brush (Two or three would be ideal, but the second and third brushes ideally can be soft bristles of another sort. The idea is to have a brush for each primary color)
  • a synthetic flat brush for lifting
  • water tolerant board to paint upon (plywood, plastic or gator board)