This class is for you if…

  • You are a new to watercolor
  • You’ve tried watercolor, but haven’t painted for a while
  • You get into trouble painting in watercolor on your own 
  • You feel as if there are gaps in your knowledge

I plan to cover: best practices, materials, set- up, a variety of washes, altering edge quality, water management, color basics, image transfer methods, a variety or resist techniques preservation of whites, ways to reclaim whites when they are lost and layering color. 

So often in our hurry to make pretty pictures, we skip the basics. It’s possible to get started and paint without really knowing what you’re doing, but at some point, the gaps in your knowledge can hold you back. 

Here’s what you need:

Materials List:

Best practices

  • Work on a slight tilt when possible
  • Use good paper for best results- Arches 
  • Use good brushes- not necessarily most expensive (I have some at studio if you want to come by)
  • Use professional quality paints rather than student grade or cheap watercolors (if cost is an issue, buy fewer colors and mix like crazy!)
  • If working from a reference photo, put it where you can see it or work from a tablet
  • When coming to class, bring a sketchbook for taking notes/handouts

Downloads/Reference Photos