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Art Can Make a Difference!

Looking back on GIVING BACK with art and Looking ahead at doing more!

Giving back with art is at the forefront of what I hope to accomplish through my artwork. Those of you who know me, are aware of the motto I have for my creative life…

Share Love, Spread Light, DO ART!, and Give Back

 These words are at the heart of what I’m doing these days, and since you are part of my journey, I love to share with you that art can be more than painting pretty pictures!  It can soothe our souls and enrich our lives as artists, but it can also make a world a better place.  Giving back with art is an opportunity available to all of us! How exciting and motivating to think that we all have the power to contribute in this way…😊

Thanks to you, and to my art collectors,  we have been able to do so much good this past year! Here is a quick bulleted list of what art sales through my studio accomplished in 2019. I am astounded and so grateful!!

  • We were able to donate to a local organization, New Directions who is working to eliminate homelessness in our area. A substantial amount went toward their day to day operations. This includes providing meals and shelters for men, women, and families. It also funds programs that individually assist participants to make a fresh start.
  • We were able to make a young girl’s aspirations attainable! Jonelle, is a young girl from the Bahamas who grew up with no running water. She is the only high school graduate in her family and is now the only family member to attend college! She received a scholarship to attend the University of the Bahamas and our assistance helped with other expenses. Even in the wake of hurricane Dorian, displacement, and destruction she was able to maintain good grades and is looking forward to her next semester of school. Now that’s determination! How fun to be part of her journey!
  • In the words of Jan Swing, a longtime friend who is a missionary to the Bahamas, the recovery from hurricane Dorian is a “slow and overwhelming process”. To date they are still recovering bodies and many bodies wait to be identified. It has been heartbreaking to receive word from the Swings about all of the destruction that has happened. In light of the ongoing need, another of my shows sent additional monetary support to them as well. They’ve used our money to provide rent for those who have lost their homes, and help with immediate needs such as food and water. 
  • With all the concern over Coronavirus, my worry is that the ongoing needs in Marsh Harbor will be forgotten. It’s with that in mind that I write to let you know that I’ve scheduled an art show to benefit my Bahamian outreach. In addition, since the wildfires in Australia did such devastation, I’m including a special category of sales for this show. Australian themed paintings by my students and myself with Australian subjects will be sold as a fundraiser. 100% of proceeds for these paintings will go to Wildlife relief in Australia. (I’ve already sold 3 paintings in advance of the show, so we will have a nice sum to contribute to this cause and also to the Bahamas Mission when the show is over!)

As you can see, 2019 was a worthwhile and creative year, and 2020 has the potential to be all that and more! Thank you for playing a part in making all of this possible.  Together, I’m hoping we can make the coming year a good one. We’ve gotten off to a rocky start, but quarantine time can be productive time. This article was inspiring to me and maybe to you?

With love and light,

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