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Supply List- Watercolor
Rebecca Zdybel     April 2013
These materials are among my
favorites, prices are approximate from online resources.  My students are always asking for a list of supplies which they can purchase.  If you are interested in investing and not wasting money, I’m sure that if you order from this list, you will not be disappointed by anything you buy.  It’s very easy to be overwhelmed in Art Stores or purchase the wrong thing and waste your money.  I share this list in the hope to help you avoid both.  You may follow the links below to order from any of these sites online.
Happy Painting!
I suggest ordering from 
or Jerry’s Artarama http://www.jerrysartarama.com/
Karlyn’s Gallery also has really
nice supplies for cheap  https://karlynsgallery.worldsecuresystems.com/shop.htm
Cheap Joes http://www.cheapjoes.com/  shipping is slow from this site, but products are good and prices are fair
Holbein Jasper Tray  15.39, white butcher
tray or white plastic plates/trays
My favorite
palette is Stephen Quiller’s Watercolor palette          20.29



Paints:  Artist quality watercolors will yield the
most beautiful vibrant results.  Student grade
paints or cheap watercolor kits will be duller in quality due to the fillers used to extend the paints and the less expensive pigments used for color.



2 reds:
Permanent Alizarin Crimson Sale $5.95
Permanent Rose- Sale $5.95
3 Blues:
Ultramarine  Sale Price:  $9.50
Cobalt    Sale price $7.00
Manganese $5.25
2 Yellows:
Winsor yellow  $4.65 or
8.50  or Aureolin  $7.00
New Gamboge 6.50 or 8.50
 Optional :
Gold  $5.95 or $10.30
Skips Green
(American Journey- which is Cheap Joe’s Brand of watercolor) $9.39
Journey Poppy &/ or Fire Engine Red
Sienna  $11.79
Journey Halloween Orange
Newton Payne’s Gray or Prussian
Antwerp Blue
Scarlet Lake
Raw Sienna
Burnt Sienna





 2 inch Hake brush  approx. $5
Natural bristle
oriental brush size 1- approx. $2.79
Lowe Cornell
Golden Taklon Series 7020 Ultra Round Sz 12  I often have these for sale and everyone loves them
brushes that I recommend:
Lowe Cornell Golden Taklon Series 7020 Ultra
Round              Sz 10
Cheap Joes Golden Fleece 1 ½ or 2 inch wash                             $27.29
All Karlyn Holman’s brushes (available on her
website) are very cheap and good performers
Robert Simmons Sienna Synthetic Brush, One
Stroke Flat, 3/4″(optional)           11.09
I also love the Robert Simmons Sky Flow wash
brushes (1 ½ or 2 inch)
sable hair brush in size 12 round and size 10- very expensive but a lovely
Please use good Arches Paper to paint on:  I can provide your paper at my cost- $1 per
quarter sheet
If you order
paper, then I suggest starting with Cold press 140 lb Arches rough or smooth
Sketch pad
for sketching or taking notes doing value studies- My favorite Aquabee
Superdeluxe     9X12 pad  $14.29
Notebook and
paper –  for gathering handouts and taking

Newsprint pad for sketchingTracing Paper large sheets

Pencil for drawing 2B and optional 4-6 B

Sharpie Marker

Elegant Writer Marker in Black  approx. $3

General Eraser Set $2.29  you will want a kneaded eraser and may want a white pearl eraser too

Oops! Eraser- helps erase pencil marks which have been painted over

Clips- 4 bulldog

Masking Tape  2” wide natural/tan colored

Spray bottles- Fine
mist and heavy mist, small misting bottles can be handy for applying paint too

You’ll need a firm
support to transport paintings and to use as a surface to work on:  Hard smooth plywood board or Gatorboard (you
may borrow the gallery’s while in class ) or Homosote board covered in shrink
wrap or packing tape 22 X  32(full
sheet)  16-17 X 22-23(half-sheet)

Matte Yes!
Glue    16 oz                                       11.99   Flexible Straws,
Pebeo Drawing
Gum              45ml                        $5.99
Bamboo sticks

Creative Mark Flo
Expressions Bottles –  I sometimes have these for purchase.  These are fine tipped applicator bottles which are very fun to use and make interesting lines.



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