Artfully Tasteful Tour of Tuscany Fall 2014- Italian Encore!

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What to do when you leave a little of your soul back in

Join Me for An Italian Encore!!  

souls are not capable of moving quite as fast as we can move in the modern world…our souls move more slowly..

It seems that in our American culture we are rushing around, productive in every moment, multitasking our way through the day and in the process we have lost a little of that poetic sense of the romance in daily living.  What if our souls can’t move at the same speed as our bodies? Perhaps that is why so many of us are walking around feeling stressed and unfulfilled. Perhaps we can look to the Tuscan life style as a model for how to slow down and savor life.

Let’s slow down and savor life the way they do in Tuscany…

Sometimes we need to distance ourselves from real life in
order to gain perspective.  I have a
definite change of perspective since going on this trip.  After my fourth trip to this region, I have come to the realization that I love the Tuscan lifestyle!  I love focusing on the meal at the end of the day, with an appreciation of the fresh food and great wines that this region has to offer.  It is a ritual means of punctuating the day’s activity and connecting with those I care about.  I love focusing on beautiful things and celebrating that beauty by trying to capture it via art and photography…

I want more of this kind of living in my life!

I have a dream…

Since coming back to Myrtle Beach, I am dreaming a dream, and hoping that verbalizing the dream will help it to become a reality. I want
to host a trip back to Tuscany and take others along with me!! Combining all the things I love: Travel, Great Food, Cooking, Wine, Art, Teaching, Friends, Music…what’s not to love, right?

I want my friends and students, and people I
care about to experience what I experienced…peace and tranquility, beautiful
scenery, making art on location, delicious food, great wines, bursts of joy,
lots of laughter, new friendships, singing in the evenings, and a little adventure.  How could I not want to experience more of
that? Why would I not want to share that?

Prerequisites if you would like to join me:

  1. A capacity for laughter 
  2. A positive attitude
  3. Willingness to dwell on beautiful things and/or indulge others as they dwell on them
  4. A taste for farm-to-table organic
    foods and wines,  

  5. Willingness to explore incredibly beautiful and wonderfully medievel Tuscan towns.  
  6. Interest in  viewing art, learning about art, and/or making art through drawing, painting, and/or photography.  If you aren’t an artist, then we’d require a willingness to indulge us when we talk about these things.  You can always choose those moments as an opportunity to take a walk, swim in the olympic size pool, grab a nap, read a book or take advantage of #7…
  7. Interest in Optional opportunities to cook with my favorite Tuscan chef, Andrea Anichini, If you are part of this trip, then any of us may cook with him whenever the schedule allows or the mood strikes…how fun will it be to learn a few of Andrea’s Tricks of the Trade- Tuscan Style?! And yes…he is just as  FUNNY AS CHARMING AS THIS PHOTO IMPLIES! (He is also a sommelier!)
    Our Chef -Andrea Anichini
  8. Interest in Optional tours of
    local Tuscan wineries, viewing local art history sites and/or historical sites.  (These might be alternatives for artists and non-artists alike). 

9. Enjoyment of being serenaded with Broadway tunes after dinner by Michaelino from Il Chiostro,

10.  Possibly making our own music if I can persuade Paul (my husband) to bring a guitar! Warning:  link to the following video is a little PG-13 Video link to Paul singing/playing “Wild Thing”  PS– he doesn’t know I’m posting that one!  lol
FYI- Paul will be joining us and along with his musical talents, he will bring his qualifications and experience as a physician…so we have a little medical back-up along with us should we need it.  =)

Please contact me if this trip sounds like something you would like to do. No obligations, but I will keep you informed if you contact me. I will need a minimum of 6 participants, and an initial non-refundable deposit of $500 to hold your spot.  I will cap the number to keep it manageable and friendly.  The dates for this trip are set for Sept 27-Oct 4 2014. I have developed an itinerary with Il Chiostro, (the organization who handled the trip I just took). I’m super excited about the plans and the towns we will visit.  I was able to choose my favorites!
My goals for this trip are as follows:

  1. Visit my favoriteTuscan hill towns and sample the views, the charm and the local food and wine
  2. Explore painting/drawing/photograpy on location with those interested in doing so
  3. Have the chance to visit a couple of vineyards to tour and learn about the agriculture and winemaking process, sample their wine and food,  and/or paint on location
  4. Give Art lessons on location and in the studio space at San Fedele for those who are interested
  5. Take advantage of multiple opportunities to cook with our chef, Andrea Anichini (he is a friendly, and vivacious guy as well as an incredible cook).  

I will let those of you who contact me know about all the details first. Space is limited so let me know if you’re interested! I’d love to hear from you and possibly have you join me for what is sure to be a memorable time in Tuscany Sept 27-Oct 4 2014.

Comment here or contact me via email. Andiamo!  (let’s go!)

Rebecca Zdybel
Artist, Instructor, Art-Travel Instructor
Art Lessons in all media
Myrtle Beach, SC

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