The Best Restaurant in Toulouse- Fil a la une

Toulose is a hip little town.  It’s old, beautiful, and not touristy.  People are lively and friendly, but reserved in typical French style.  A lovely river runs through it and the architecture is old world, but more Napoleonic than medieval…kind of like Paris.  There are lots of restaurants and young people, due to the universities here.  You see a lot of people smoking “roll your own” and generally acting the hipster, but it provides some local ‘color”.

It’s a pretty town.  I like the occasional fountain in the plazas and spent some time painting the statues, fountains, and ornate lamp-posts in the Boulingrin today.  It’s a lovely park in the middle of Le Grand Round (a bigger than average roundabout in the City Center).

Best Restaurant in Toulouse! La Fil a la Lune-

This is my new little favorite place to have a bite of dinner and some great wine in Toulouse, France.  Reservations are a good idea, since they are incredibly busy.  phone # 05 62 26 27 14.  Address: 8 Place du Pont Neuf 31000 Toulouse.  Located on the corner of Place Esquirol and Place du Pont Neuf…right at the bridge.

Stroll along the riverfront park at sunset and then make your way to dinner.

Coming here by myself, they have made me feel very welcome every time I enter the door…even special.  Almost like my own version of French “Cheers”. And there’s plenty to keep me occupied once I take a seat, with lots to watch while sitting here eating dinner.  The owner, Gilles, is an animated and friendly guy who speaks a bit of English.  This has been helpful, as people are not generally fluent in English in Toulouse.  Gilles is a hard working owner, and runs around making everyone happy…occasionally even pounding a bottle down on a table and encouraging everyone to take a shot-on the house!  No wonder so many customers seem happy.

But in reality, it’s the food! Not only is it good to eat, but every plate looks beautiful.  I am left wanting to take photos of each dish that passes by me.  The crowd is young to middle age, but I’m pushing the top end of middle age.  Lots of smiles and good vibrations.  Steaks and burgers are the staple fare, and the papas fritte are to die for!  I had the steak…very tasty. They make their own delicious fois gras and serve it on cool slabs of black slate.  Ask for the white wine they actually use to make it, and experience the perfect wine pairing.  In addition, the salads are gargantuan and gorgeous! On this, my third night in a row, I am determined to try one of those lovely salads- 13-14 Euros, but so much food!  Huge burgers from 12-25 euros and steaks are similarly reasonable.Bottles of wine are from 20-30 Euros,and glasses from 3.50 to 6.50.  Great prices for the quality.

One suggestion- Try to avoid sitting on or near the front veranda, unless you are not bothered by cigarette smoke.  (That’s one thing about France…so many people smoke in public spaces here.)

Hotel Pere Leon- Quiet and nice staff.  I got a double room and had nice light and space to paint when the day was rainy.  The shower and facilities were clean and modern.  I felt safe on the street at night and there was a safe in the room.  I would not necessarily have breakfast there.  The coffee (a BIG part of my day) was very mediocre.  There seems to be an unfortunate trend inn some of the places I visited where they are using push button coffee dispensers- YUCK.  It tastes plastic.  There were many coffee shops and Patisseries in the area, and I would suggest planning on those in the morning.

If you go, tell them I sent you and have a nice glass of AOC Crozes Hermitages for me!

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  • i love reading your blog. it makes me feel like i'm there with you; i so wish i could be! one day… love you, travel well. love, carrie bare

  • Haley says:

    Hey Momma! Love your writing, Toulouse seems like a very authentic experience for you! Spending the weekend in the jungle again, getting some work done and working on the huge Westeros puzzle. Planning my exit from the house slowly but surely. Call you soon 🙂

    • rzdybel says:

      Hi Babyhirl- have fun on your trip to the jungle' off to get some breakfast but having trouble leaving the warmth of my bed! It's cold here this morning! Love u! ❤️

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