Le Vieux Couvent- Frayssinet, France

Le Vieux Couvent- Where Artists Come to Play (and enjoy good food!)

Le Vieux Couvent welcomes all artists

Walk in the gates and expect to be transported… immediately you have a sense of walking into a “Secret Garden”.  Every corner is seemingly composed as if to be painted or photographed.  Corinne Campbell and her partner Bill Boychuk, have transformed a compound of historic houses within the small French village of Frayssinet, and formed an artists’ retreat.   

This lovely place was conceived as a destination for artists by the warm and welcoming hostess Corrinne. Her husband Bill, and their son also help to manage things. A small and friendly staff helps cook and clean.  

Le Vieux Couvent gardens
Check out a few of my photos from the grounds…Don’t you see a potential painting in every one!

Le Vieux Couvent lilies
And have I mentioned the food??  With greens often picked fresh from the garden, Corinne has a mediterranean slant on her French cuisine.  Our breakfast was included each day, with lunch prepared for us most days.  
Prosciutto and Melon with Port wine reduction
The food at Le Vieux Couvent is beautiful and delicious

The bridge at Cahors
The staff even prepared a classic picnic with linens and wine for our market day.  Our picnic was on the shore of the river in Cahors.  Such fun! 
Enjoying a picnic on the riverbank after a morning at the market.

At 6PM we always enjoyed aperitifs to accompany our critique of paintings from the day.  Somehow we were always ready!

Joel arrives with our aperitifs as the bells in the church chime 6PM
Our celebration supper- isn’t it beautiful?!


Lunch and dinners were always inclusive of local wines.  And I have to mention the French cheese course and dessert.  Yummmmm! 

The cheese course is a regular part of ending our meals…just before dessert!
We actually do more than just eat here too…The art studio is spacious and well lit for artists to set up and leave their materials at their work tables. The room is great for both daytime and nighttime painting (important for night-owls like me!) They also have portable chairs to take with you on location, as well as extra umbrellas and boards for use as supports.  There are lots of large tables, a heater and a sink in the studio.   It makes working in the studio very comfortable.  The extra supplies can lighten your packing requirements too.  
Located in the village of Frayssinet, Le Vieux Couvent is well located for day-trips to many beautiful and authentic French villages in their region of the Dordogne.  This time of year, the poppies are beginning to blossom, but we did not see fields full of them.  However, the iris and jacaranda trees are in their full glory.   Enjoy these photos and let me know if you are interested in joining me for a future trip to Le Vieux Couvent!  I can’t wait to return…

These flowers are from “the neighbors garden” at Le Vieux Couvent.  If you’re  lucky, your group will get an invitation to take a tour!

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