Blessing Beads- New Video How to for Easy DIY Yupo Paper Jewelry Project

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Blessings embedded into the beads make these a special craft project!
Follow the link below to watch my video explanation of how to make these meaning-filled beads which embed thoughtful wishes or prayers right into each bead.  It’s a great way to create a unique jewelry creation for someone special. We made one for our niece’s baby shower, and recently made another for a friend who is battling cancer.

I’d recommend writing down the prayers or intentions on a sheet of paper and letting that list accompany your final creation.  

That way the recipient will know the contents of their beads.  All in all, a meaningful and fun way to use your yupo paper!  

Blessing Beads-How to Video for Easy DIY Yupo paper jewelry project 

Have fun and let me know how they turn out!
Here are some photos of our creations…

Materials you’ll need:  heat gun, sturdy non-melting work surface, needle nosed pliers (I like having 2), scissors, yupo paper, acrylic paint, metal nails or thin rods

Our soon-to-be-a mommy Niece Katie Zdybel with a necklace full of blessings from her baby shower.

Paint your yupo, dry, then cut into narrow strips. Write your blessings or prayers on the unpainted side of the paper strips

wrapping the yupo strips tightly around a wire support rod is key

Let me hear from you! I read every comment and it means a lot to know you are out there reading.
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