Our Artfully Tasteful Tour of Tuscany Begins!

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Our home in Tuscany is San Fedele.  Over 1000 years of prayer permeate these walls and give it a very special atmosphere.

Our first morning begins with some yoga on the deck overlooking the hillsides all around.

This cross was restored by the same man, who as a boy had once helped his father to install it 75 years earlier.
Even the simple things are beautiful here!

The Market at Ponzone is bustling on Sundays

Our chef for the week is Andrea Anichini.  He will be giving us cooking lessons during the week and preparing our meals every evening. 
Our Sunday dinner- a very special BBQ.  Absolutely fabulous!

Another captivating view of the hills surrounding San Fedele. 
Breakfast is on the terrace every morning. 

Renatta makes us a beautiful cake daily to accompany a delicious breakfast. 

Our studio is spacious and allows for us to leave things set up during the week.  

After our first Art lesson in Tuscany we begin our first painting of the week. 

Aperitifs on the deck are something to look forward to in the evenings before dinner. 

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