Losing it in Venice, Italy

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A view of Santa Maria della Salute from the Accademia Bridge

I consider myself a savvy traveler.   I carry my bag across my body, zipper toward me, with all my valuables under a few layers of buckles and zippers.  I lock my bags together with a bike lock onboard trains. I have foiled an assault from a group of gypsies trying to pick my pockets. However, this trip I
made one thoughtless mistake, which reminds me yet again, that all my careful behavior is for good reason.  In this instance, I hope my experience will teach you what NOT to do. 

View from the Train Staion in Venice, Italy
I stopped into a phone store at the train station (always a place to be on guard).  I went
in with my iPhone and was hoping to get a new sim card for an old phone. As it turned out, I needed to purchase a 3rd phone to accomplish my goal.  I made my
purchase, and thoughtlessly slipped my iPhone into my coat pocket as I concentrated on the other 2 phones in my possession…can you imagine where this
story might be going?  I gathered my luggage and made my way to the Vaporetto water transport.  As I did so, I placed the two European phones into my purse and forgot about the iPhone in my pocket. That’s all it took…

When at any train station in Italy, be on guard. Put all your valuables somewhere other than in your pocket or in an open purse.  

San Marco Square in Venice- currently under restoration and still partially flooded after high tide

Somehow, my iPhone was removed from my pocket along the
way.  It was done so deftly, that I
didn’t even know it was missing until I got to my room.  Of course, I tore my bags apart, numerous times,
made calls and even went back to the train station, but still no iPhone.  I had my new phone, so it was not a total
disaster.  Making calls was still possible.  

The big surprise: I really missed the GPS data function of my


You see, my iPhone was not the only thing that was lost in Venice.  My traveling companion and I often found ourselves turned around and
taking a path which some might call “the scenic route” .  I generally have a great sense of direction, but Venice is a challenge.  

The street names are longer than the streets
themselves, the bridges cross the winding streets at odd places, and the maps we had were horrible unless you had a magnifying glass.  Venetians don’t waste a lot of effort on
street signs either.  The good news is, that
the city is a beautiful place to wander around and get lost.  

If you don’t feel confident navigating intuitively, or if following tiny print on maps doesn’t sound like a good plan for you,  then you may want to buy some cellular data or a European sim card and use your smartphone’s GPS to help you navigate.  Most non-Americans were following the GPS arrow on their phones to get around. 

All in all I have no regrets about wandering our way around the city.  Many of these shots are proof that it can be beautiful to take the not-so-direct-route in Venice, Italy.   

One of our favorite little restaurants in the Dorsoduro- the area of Venice where we stayed. 

If you’d like to come to Italy with me next year, contact me for information on my upcoming trip to beautiful Borgo San Fedele Tuscany, where we will dabble in cooking, painting/sketching, eating, sipping and touring the scenic hill towns of Chianti.  

Breakfast on the Terrace overlooking the lily pond at San Fedele

A view from the grounds at Borgo San Fedele

San Gimignano- one of my favorite places to visit in Tuscany

Next year’s trip is scheduled for the first week of October 2015. We plan to tour, EAT, sip, and have the option to cook and paint our way through the region of Tuscany known as Chianti. Our home base will again be the beautiful and peaceful former monastery known as Borgo San Fedele.  Once you unpack, all you have to do is relax and enjoy.  If you’d rather have a massage while we paint or cook, then that’s your option.  If you’d rather lay back one day and opt out of our plans, that’s also an option.  That’s really my kind of tour!   Contact me if you’re interested in being part of what is sure to be another great trip. =)  

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