30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 12- Draw, Format, Paint

 30 Day Drawing challenge Day 11- Draw, Format, Paint

Drawing is putting a line around an idea.

Henri Matisse

How to Format Your Drawing:

A frame makes every picture look better, don’t you think?  I always equate matting and framing my work to why we women wear make-up…even naturally pretty people look better with a little make-up.  The same is true for sketches or paintings…put them in a frame, and somehow a good piece of art will  look that much better once you frame it.

Today’s assignment will have to do with this same phenomenon.  Today you will put a frame around whatever you draw.  In the sketch below, I used words to form a frame around my subject.  I then painted with watercolor to make it colorful and fun.  Today you will also have the challenge to frame your sketch, and bring a little color to your drawing with either paint, pencils, or whatever you choose to use.

Struggling with lettering?  Look for fonts you like online:  Google “fonts” and see if there is one you like…it may come in handy for another day’s lesson!  😉

Materials for today:
Pencil or pen (your choice)
paper that can handle watercolor or paint
watercolors, watercolor pencils, or colored pencils

Step 1:
draw a simple object. Think about leaving gaps in the contours of your drawing to allow for shapes to merge (for example, in this instance, my object and the shadow merge to form a more interesting shape)
Step 2:
Create a frame that intersects your object, but lets the object “break out” of the frame here or there.
Step 3:
Add lettering if you feel it will add to the format of your drawing
Step 4:
Paint or color in your drawing.  Look for ways to make your drawing more interesting by repeating colors or moving colors through your piece.
Step 5:
Photograph your drawing and send it to me! I’m enjoying receiving your work =)

so cute!

so brave! obviously no cheating, and yet I still feel “onions”

nicely done!


Happy Drawing!  I’ll look forward to meeting you here again tomorrow!

ps- for tomorrow, you may use the elegant writer markers, watercolor pencils, other markers or colored pencils

If you haven’t purchased your black Elegant Writer pen yet, then run out and get one.  I’d like to use it for Day 11’s lesson.   Here’s a link to Amazon:    Elegant writer- Black extra fine point

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