30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 17- Vignette

30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 17- How to draw a Vignette Sketch
I like to sketch with watercolor sometimes, so after drawing with an elegant writer here and there over a pencil sketch, I then added color with watercolor.  To make the letters, I used an archival permanent marker- Staedtler Mars Dark brown

  1. 1
    a brief evocative description, account, or episode.
  2. 2
    a small illustration or portrait photograph that fades into its background without a definite border.
  1. 1
    portray (someone) in the style of a vignette.

Today’s challenge will be to take some of what we’ve been learning and use it to create a vignette.  As you can tell from the definition above and my example in the photo, these images fade into the background and don’t really have a definite border.  This is a style where WATER is your friend.  A drawing stump or tortillion (or your trusty finger) can also accomplish the smudgy edges that would be typical of a vignette.  Lots of subjects can be treated as vignettes, and I will leave the subject for you to choose.  

Here are some photo ideas that might inspire your drawing today:  

In this photo, everything but the forward elements of the rose are softened away.
©Rebecca Zdybel


This is a more subtle vignette.  The background is much less developed and only the subject is treated fully.
Soft edges in the background are key to this type of vignette.

Hint:  What the dictionary says is true, but what they don’t tell you is that the smudged edges of a vignette can become a border of sorts, almost framing the image.  Your vignette can be gradual as in my image above, but it can also be dramatic as in the photo ideas below. 


Haha!  I couldn’t resist including this one!  Note how the light untouched background is darkened at the corners and softly contains the light field behind the head forming a frame of sorts.


So cute!  Note the background just fades away into a light area which becomes a frame or a mat for the image…

With these ideas in mind, have fun taking a subject and softening edges to create a vignette.  =)

Your photos are continuing to flow in, though I’m afraid that only the stalwart few are sticking with it.  If you missed a day, don’t despair, just pick it up again wherever you’d like…If you are out there and haven’t shared anything yet, don’t be scared!  I’ll keep everything anonymous, and your contributions will add to everyone’s experience.  I look forward to seeing what you guys do with your vignettes.  
Day 15- Draw with something you haven’t drawn before…Charcoal!

Day 15- Elegant Writer- This is the Blue Ink version? FYI the Elegant Writer comes in Black, Red, Brown, and Blue

I’m already looking ahead to later this week.  I will be breaking out my Tombow marker in burnt sienna color -947 for a sketch or two during the final couple of weeks of this challenge.  If you would like to get one, it’s around $5-6. Here is a link:  Tombow 947 Marker- Amazon

Happy Drawing!!

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