30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 24- Tombow Marker Sketch

30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 24- Tombow Marker Sketch

©Rebecca Zdybel

Today I’m breaking out my Tombow Markers and doing a sketch, and I’m encouraging you to give it a try as well.  If you have another water-soluble marker, then you can substitute it for this one, but my favorite is this Burnt Sienna color  #947.
If you would like to get one, it’s around $5-6. Here is a link to order it:  Tombow 947 Marker- Amazon

One of the things I love about this marker is it’s ability to almost disappear once you bring water to the paper.  However, as with most ink applications, don’t be too heavy with your lines at first.  Also, this is important…if you plan to use water on your sketch, make sure that your paper is watercolor paper or mixed media paper.Here are a few examples of sketches I’ve done with this marker.  All have been drawn in my favorite sketchbook, my Aquabee Super Deluxe sketchbook.  The paper holds up well for most media, and allows me to bring water to the page without it breaking down.

I’m not going to tell you what to draw today…keeping it short  and hoping you feel inspired to continue sketching on this 24th Day of our 30 Day challenge.  The subject matter is open, but try using your Tombow pen or a water-soluble marker if you have one.  Otherwise, you could substitute your water-soluble crayons or watercolor pencils if desired.


Tombow 947 marker, permanent marker and white gouache
©Rebecca Zdybel

Note: These markers come in all colors, and the sketch below is an example of the many color varieties available. I’m just sharing my favorite with you, but you might experiment and find another color your like better.  Experimenting is the perfect thing to do during a sketch challenge!

©Rebecca Zdybel
This is a page from my sketchbook.
There are many zentangle patterns recorded here.
All were drawn with various colors of Tombow Markers and Staedtler Mars Black permanent inkpen.

This challenge is a huge commitment, but you are almost done!  Keep up the good work and send me photos of your finished drawings!  Fellow challengers are drawing their hearts out and are being so dedicated!  Here are some beauties that have been sent my way:

Above: What a lovely sketch of Shadows with Color and Drawing from still life using red and blue Elegant Writer markers on Day 21 of our 30 Day Drawing Challenge. Here’s the link in case you missed it: 30 day Drawing Challenge Day 21- Shadows/Color

To the right: Illustrations of Letters give a chance to practice letter making as an art form, and picture making as a means of illustration.  It’s fun! If you’d like to try it, here’s the link to Day 22:   30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 22- Favorite Letter Illustration

And below:  I had to include this beautiful Zentangle as a reminder of how beautiful pattern making can be.  Obviously influenced by Klimt, this student created something the great master might envy!  In case you missed that lesson, here is the link to Day 20- 30 Day Drawing Challenge- Day 20

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