30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 29- Draw Flowers

30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 29- Draw flowers

Elegant Writer and Watercolor 
Tombow 947 and Watercolor
Congratulations! Tomorrow you will be able to say you committed and completed 30 Days of Drawing!  I was discussing the joy and the zen of drawing yesterday.  I paint, and of course I love painting.  I also love to draw and sketch, and surprisingly I sketch for a little different reason.  When I draw, I am very present wherever I am.  I am seeing intently and noticing my surroundings.  When I paint, I tend to be transported and the process is more “otherworldly”.  I’m not sure if anyone else can relate to that, but there it is. If you have thoughts on this I’d love you to comment and hear your opinions.
That’s why I love to draw and paint on location.  Art journaling is incredibly fun and almost my preferred way to make art when I travel…it forges an incredible bond with wherever I am.  I hope you’ll pardon me taking a moment to encourage you to join me for my EAT, PAINT, COOK Tour of Tuscany Oct. 3-10, 2015.  It is art travel at it’s finest.  It’s incredible…and I’m not just saying that!  Drawing, Painting, Eating chef prepared meals, seeing gorgeous Tuscan hill towns and vineyards, sampling local wines, cooking lessons, drivers to all our destinations, and music in the evenings…ahhh, I can’t wait to get back there and would love to have you join me!  See the brochure on my home page in desktop view, or follow this link:  Eat Paint Cook Tour of Tuscany 10-3 to 10-10-2015
Misty Morning in Tuscany ©Rebecca Zdybel
The view from one of our little hill towns is panoramic
and lends itself to paintings like this little watercolor sketch.
Join me and I’ll take you there and show you how…
During our 30 Day Challenge, you’ve processed a truckload of information, so I’m going to keep it simple today and let you get right to it.  Let’s celebrate spring and the glorious beauty of flowers!  
Today’s Drawing challenge: 
  • Take some real flowers, or real artificial flowers and draw from life, OR find a photo reference and use that for your drawing.  You may use any materials you’d like
  • When finished you can send me a photo!

Here are a few sketches from fellow artists and past days of the Challenge:

So much fun to see what you do with these challenges!

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