Dublin- Town Center is lively and fun to walk

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Upon arriving in Dublin, Ireland yesterday, I took to the streets. One of my favorite things to do when traveling, is walking with camera in hand looking for something to catch my eye.  Thankfully for me, there was plenty of eye candy.  I’m staying in the city center at a nice hotel, and it’s relatively convenient to the action, but far enough away to be quiet.


St Stephen’s Green Park

On my way to the city center, I passed through St. Stephen’s Green, I was taken with the scenery and the abundance of people using the park the way parks should be used.  I think you know what I mean.  So often in our home town, the few parks we have are havens for the homeless.  I’m not making a political comment, but just saying that it was refreshing to enjoy this beautiful green space feeling safe and  taking in some natural beauty within the city center.

St. Stephen's Green, Dublin

St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin

Next it was down to the city center.  Lots of people, shopping, pedestrian only avenues, pubs, and a river. Here are a few shots of that area.

2015-08-31 22.41.14

At this time of year, I am seeing lots of vibrant plants in pots (everything looks healthy and green).  It’s such a nice treat compared to all my heat and humidity stress plants back at home.

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The Library below is located at Trinity College…it’s so old world and beautiful.
The grounds on the campus are pretty and the architecture is gorgeous.  I did a sketch of one of the towers and am hoping to paint it in the next few days.  There is also an amazing exhibit found here called the Book of Kells.  I will blog about that another day.


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Today found myself wandering a bit more and heading back to St. Stephen’s green for a painting session.  I did a plein air painting of the gazebo there.  I didn’t finish, but got a good start going.   I haven’t photographed my artwork yet  (that will have to wait for another blog as well). It was fun, but I was cold!  I wore 2 shirts and 2 jackets, and was glad for every layer!  Of course, you have to keep in mind that I have South Carolina blood, and I’m not too good at cold weather.

Tomorrow I’ll head to the Jameson Whiskey Storehouse with the group I’m joining, so I better eat a good breakfast if I’m going to start drinking at lunch!  I’ll blog more when I can.  Cheers Y’all.



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