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Shopping district Galway Ireland

This trip is really a survey of Ireland…a sampling of everywhere so that I can plan where I’d like to come and spend more time in the future.  That means we are covering a lot of ground and spending lots of time on the bus.  Maybe not my favorite way to travel, but as a first timer here in Ireland, it helps me see as much of the country as possible.  The group I am with is fantastic and our group leader, Karlyn Holman is someone I have come to trust.

One of the stops on our itinerary was the university town of Galway.  It’s on the water with a scenic riverwalk, and locks.  Boats line the waterfront and students take picnics and hang out on the green spaces all along the river.  It’s a great place to stroll, take a picnic, or paint.  Unfortunately this trip to Galway didn’t allow time for much painting.  Instead, I did a quick sketch with a coffee that I hope to develop soon.  I came away with a few nice photos and I look forward to painting them in the future.  I share a few of them here with you.

Riverfront in Galway

Riverfront in Galway

Galway Ireland near riverfront

Galway Ireland near riverfront

The shopping district in Galway is a wonderful area, with a busy pedestrian only street running through town.  I love these type of city centers where you can have a coffee and people watch if shopping is not your thing.  Enjoy these photos and think about stopping in Galway if you’re in this part of Ireland.  Or better yet, come with me when I bring a group here!


Cafe scene in Galway Ireland

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