Installation of New Artwork at Aspen Grille, Myrtle Beach, SC

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In the midst of getting ready for this trip, I wrote this piece and forgot to post it prior to leaving for my trip.  I guess it’s a sign of how much there was to organize when getting ready to leave for 6 weeks!  So while I’m too busy to write, you’ll have to pardon me if I pause for a brief commercial message.

If you haven’t been to Aspen Grille in Myrtle Beach, SC lately, then you may want to head over there and check out the great food AND my new installation of paintings.  Prior to leaving town for this trip, I was approached to hang some work there.  When it rains, it pours, right?!  Despite my huge “to-do” list for that week, I spent an afternoon hanging 14 paintings on their walls.  These pieces are now up and available for sale at Aspen Grille- 5101 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC.  You can call them for a reservation at 843.449.9191 or visit their website via this link Thanks to Marce Singleton and Tim Icard for their help with his opportunity.  I’m grateful and happy at how they looked on the wall as a group.  I think they really dressed up the dining room, if I do say so myself.  If you go, please tell them you came to see the art, and maybe take a painting home with your doggie bag. ?



Rebecca Zdybel Artwork Available to View and Purchase at Aspen Grille- Myrtle Beach, SC

Rebecca Zdybel Artwork Available to View and Purchase at Aspen Grille- Myrtle Beach, SC

I’m currently in Italy getting ready for my Eat Paint Cook Tuscany Tour which begins on Saturday!  Can’t wait to get back there and enjoy the peace and the beauty of Tuscany.  It’s so special…even when compared to places like the one I’m in.  The Amalfi Coast is beautiful, but it is not an “easy-going” place to visit.  Hopefully I’ll have time to share a post about the Amalfi coast/Pompeii soon on this blog.

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Stay in touch and Stay tuned…and let me know if you get to Aspen Grille. =)

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    Went to aspen grill-had delicious meal &be joyed seeing your artwork; Eileen says “hey “she is so nice

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