San Fedele- “Bathed in 1000 years of Prayer”

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I have so many things I’d like to share with you right now!  The last two months have been so jam packed with experiences, that my head is literally swimming with things I’d like to write about.  When unsure about where to start, I sometimes begin where I left off…and the last time I wrote was in the midst of my Art Adventure that I call EAT PAINT COOK TUSCANY.  The adventure may have ended, but it lingers on in my head.  Isn’t that why we all seek to travel?  We create memories for a lifetime.

In the midst of the experience, I chose not to write about it and simply be in the moment and enjoy it. That meant that I didn’t blog very much during the week.  I think that was a good choice, and yet while the memories are fresh I want to record the experience. How best to share them?  Words are not always best, so I’m going to share photos today.

This very special place I have come to love so much is known as San Fedele. We are so fortunate to be able to call it our home during our Il Chiostro sponsored tour of the Chianti region in Tuscany.  The owners are private and particular about who stays there, since its their family home. They have established a business with Il Chiostro Inc. Tours called The Tuscan Renaissance Center.  Together they host artistic programs that take place at San Fedele.  A fully restored 14th century Tuscan monastery that its owners describe as “bathed in 1000 years of prayer”.  That word picture says it all for me. Perhaps it accounts for the very special atmosphere that pervades the property.  Words don’t always say it best, so here are a few images of mine that attempt to capture some of it’s beauty… I hope someday you can share it with me and relish the atmosphere yourself.

Borgo San Fedele, Italy

San Fedele Awaits, Watercolor by Rebecca Zdybel

San Fedele - Front gate

The gate to San Fedele

Glowing Sky at San Fedele reflected in the lily pond

Glowing Sky at San Fedele reflected in the lily pond


San Fedele Afternoon sun

The Bells of San Fedele- Watercolor by Rebecca Zdybel

The Bells of San Fedele- Watercolor by Rebecca Zdybel

Nearby winery at harvest time


San Fedele Sunrise

IMG_4741Misty morning flowers

Beautiful vistas are everywhere as we head out for our day trips!


Yes, this place is special, but in the end its the people that make these experiences so memorable.  People who have interest in art, cooking, wine, food, and travel are invariably interesting, and often talented people with rich interior lives.  What’s been wonderful to find is that those qualities are often combined with beautiful hearts. The faces below are people I’m so happy to have come to know. The exchange I experience when teaching is not something I take lightly.  It’s personal and meaningful.   These are not only people that I’ve traveled with, but they now have a place in my heart.  I can only hope that life brings us together again before long…


IMG_4911 copy

Barbara’s painting on location. Lots of painting opportunities!



Rick Painting in the Studio


Bobbi painting with Watercolor


Debra Cooking with Andrea


Cooking with Wine in Tuscany…Sometimes we even use a little in the food!


Next year’s trip is on the calendar and if you’d like to join us follow this link to register!  Been there before?  I can promise you it’s even better the second (and third) time around!  Space is limited, so check your calendar and let’s begin to make plans for a trip to remember. EAT PAINT COOK TUSCANY with optional add-on to the Cinque Terre 2017


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    The only thing I can say is OMG. I am in awe of your photos but most of all your watercolors! What an experience that most of us only dream of! God bless, you are awesome! Roberta

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