Evolution- Not just a theory when it comes to Painting!

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When it comes to Art, you might think I’d consider myself a “Creationist” but in fact,  evolution is more than a theory when it comes to painting.

Intelligent Design is always essential, but the photos below provide the proof that my latest painting did not spontaneously appear by accident or lucky break. It evolved very deliberately with lots of thought at every point of it’s development.  Here is the step by step progression. I hope you enjoy seeing the process…

It all began with my original photos.  The photos below were taken on a recent vacation.  My sister-in-law is a beekeeper and I got quite a few nice shots of her keeping her bees.  I liked this gesture and decided to try and merge it with the beautiful sunlit cottage I admired and photographed.

After my recent workshop with Ken Goldman, I can now combine and design composite imagery using iPad’s Art Studio App.  This combination of the above photos created a story I wanted to tell, and became my working reference.  As you can see, my reference is not a great photo but its a super tool for me to use as a guide for my painting.

 After transferring a sketch of the composite image onto Aquabord, the whites were masked and wet paint applied into the wet surface creating paths of color.


A little bit more value added here and there…you can see the surface is still very wet.  The gray areas are masking fluid.


A few more adjustments and some lifting while things begin to dry.


Masking is removed after initial wash is dry. Values assessed with working mat around painting. I love using mats to evaluate paintings in process. So far so good…


Shadows on the porch are added along with foreground flag detail.

  This painting has now reached what I call “awkward adolescence”.   As with children, awkward adolescents need to be loved and coaxed into maturity.  We can’t give up on them…and praying over them never hurts! I’ve been known to pray for miracles, and receive them ????.  To see the progression of this painting from this point to its final completion you can check out this subsequent blog post: https://rebeccazartist.com/2016/05/evolution-2-0-creative-process-completed/


As with most issues, keeping your sense of humor is essential in painting. We have to enjoy ourselves and have fun along the way.  Enjoy the process! None of us are getting rich doing this, so we may as well laugh and have a good time.  Here is a final cute comic I stumbled upon related to evolution.  I hope it brings you a smile…my gift to you today.

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IMG_4719 IMG_4835 

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Happy painting y’all!

Share Love, Spread Light, DO ART! Give Back.

PS- Workshop update:

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