How to Make Creative Goals from your heART as an Artist

By January 15, 2020Art Advice

Here are some ideas that might help you with your creative goals for 2020

If you’re like me, being aware of YOUR needs and YOUR goals isn’t always easy! At the end of the year, in the midst of holiday madness and family gatherings it can even be impossible.  Now that we have all that behind us… Have you considered what you can do for YOURSELF this year? Have you considered making creative goals?

2020 Brings with it 365 opportunities to do something you haven’t done before!  

As artists, I think it’s a great time to consider what’s on your creative docket. I like to think of it as giving myself permission to dream. I believe there’s great power in dreaming…our imaginations can sometimes tap into our intuitive centers.  We just need to give them a little time and attention.


Think about pouring yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and sitting down with yourself. It’s a great moment to consider what creative HeART Goals you might have for this brand new year!  Here are some ideas for you: 

  • Get specific- Set a date to create.  That painting you want to create or that class you want to take will need you to prioritize that time… put it on the calendar and plan around it!

  • Make a list of paintings you’d like to paint this year and then turn that into a monthly goal…if you have a list of 12 paintings, then assign one painting to each month. 

  • Go through your photos and save images that inspire you to an album on your phone- this makes it easier to find them when you have time to paint. 😊

  • Print out a few of the photos you’d like to paint and put them in a folder you can open when it’s time to paint or when you go to art class. 

  • Sign up for an art class (commit!) This can be a way to tell yourself and others that your creative time is a priority!  I do this with exercise. I have equipment at home, but don’t use it.  Somehow, signing up for a class gets me there.  The same can be true for art. Find a group or a teacher that inspires you and put it on your calendar. If you’d like to study with me here’s a link To sign up for my upcoming classes:

  • Sign up for a multi-day workshop.  In my experience, these workshops are the springboard to quicker progress and deeper understanding of art principles. Of course, if you’d like to study with me or Janet Rogers this year, I’d love to have you! You can find a brochure for Janet Rogers’ workshop October 26-30, 2020 on my website menu under the “classes and travel” tab or via this link:

  • Travel…do you have somewhere you’re dying to go?  Make a plan and let it inspire your creative output.  Painting your travels is an exciting way to cement your memories of the beautiful places you’ve been! If Tuscany, Italy is calling you, think about joining us September 26-Oct. 3, 2020!  Here’s a link to sign up-

  • Try something new to invigorate your output! Commit to try a new approach to painting… Perhaps plein air, or mixed media, negative painting, abstract…I have some fun workshops in many of these areas coming up.  For me, playing with materials in new ways is inspiring.  Come join me if you’re interested 😊

  • Is there a style or subjects that you’d like to paint or learn about? Write them down and look for a way to explore those topics!  YouTube is full of free content laden videos on practically everything, or bring your interest to me and we can explore it together in class or private lessons…
  •  For me, accountability can help light a fire under my productivity. One way to be accountable is to share your goals.  If you want to share them with me, simply reply to this email and next year we can see how well you did… I’m doing this with my students this year. I plan to hold onto their list of creative goals.  It’ll be fun to review their plans and see how well they did in making their personal creative goals a priority at the end of the year. 🤞  

I’d love to see a list of your heART goals! You can email me if leave them in the comments here…

With Love and Light,

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