Exp!ore Watercolor and Acrylic Class- New!

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Exp!ore Watercolor and
Acrylic Painting Class with Rebecca Zdybel
Wed. Evenings Beginning
Oct 3, 2012 5:30-7:30 PM
I am happy to announce
that I will be forming an evening class beginning in October 2012.  In
order to begin, I will need at least 4 students to make an advance reservation
with the gallery.  This can be done over the phone 843-839-2727 or in
person at Art and Soul Gallery, 5001 N Kings’ Hwy in Rainbow Harbor next to the
Melting Pot.
Cost:  An
individual class is $18.  A package of 6 classes brings the price down to
$15 and essentially makes you a reservation for 6 consecutive sessions of
class.  You may reschedule one class per package.  I recommend buying
a package, since it guarantees you a seat and helps me to plan lessons.  I
will be limiting class size so that everyone’s experience is optimal.
Since you get a free class by purchasing the package, AND you may
reschedule one missed class, you don’t really lose money until you miss 3
classes out of 6.  Even then your price per class only ends up being
$22.50.  In my estimation, the package really is the best deal.
Supplies may be
purchased through the gallery for $12 per class, or $7 if we are continuing a
project from class to class.  This can be a very convenient way to avoid
having to carry materials back and forth and a way to avoid a large up-front
investment in something you may be uncertain about.  My supply list will
be available if you wish to purchase your own materials in advance, but
materials may sometimes need to be purchased from me at a nominal fee for
specific class projects. On that occasion, I buy in bulk and simply ask you to
cover my cost.
Below you will find my new class
.  I encourage you to view
actual student comments regarding their experience in my classes.  These
comments are some of my most treasured possessions.  I really do love
sharing what I know with the amazing people who have chosen to study with me.
=)  You may follow this link in
order to read their comments:
It is my sincere hope
that you and I may come to know one another better and share the journey of
exp!oring art together.
I look forward to
hearing from you.
Warm regards,
Watercolor & Acrylic With Rebecca Zdybel
All levels
welcome: Teens to Seniors
Class Description
Have you always wanted to try your hand at art, but didn’t
know where to begin?  Are you an artist
that has fallen into a creative rut?  Have
you wondered which kind of painting style you should try? Are you curious about
different water and acrylic mediums, but hesitant to explore them by yourself?   Have you wanted to experiment without the
commitment of a huge investment in materials?
Are you interested in being acquainted with new surfaces or new
techniques? Would you like to explore topics of interest to most artists?  This class might be the one for you!
Join me in exp!oring various water-based mediums and
approaches to fun art projects that may stimulate your inner artist and
re!ease  your hidden creative self.  I will make it easy, and together we will
make it fun!  We will be talking about
art, learning about different techniques and approaches to making art, sharing
the journey with like-minded souls, and learning from one another in a risk
free and encouraging environment. This is my goal for our class.  There will be no failures- just fun!
I believe strongly that we are all endowed with inherently
creative spirits.  Some of us have had
our creativity nurtured throughout our lives.
Others of us have been discouraged in that realm or had our creative
spirits neglected due to the constraints of life.  I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late or too early to begin
to explore the JOY of art.
I’m a perfect example of coming to art late in
life and becoming a late-bloomer.   It’s added so much to my life that I can’t
wait to see the difference it can make for you as well!
Students can bring their own materials or purchase materials
through the gallery for various art exercises and “projects of the day”.   I am
always open to work on your own art projects while the class is in session, no
matter what the subject of class might be.    Approximately
once a month we will have “open studio” sessions. This will be a time when you
can bring in unfinished pieces or work on something of your own choosing.  I will always be available for consultation
and encouragement both in and out of class.
My hope is to create a community and an environment where we
can gather weekly to immerse ourselves in art.
I hope to expose newcomers to a variety of approaches and art concepts,
and broaden the horizons of those who may be familiar with some aspects of art
but curious about others.  Ideally, I’d
like to let our class members have a role in determining what our lesson plans
might cover. ..we will be in this together!
Though I will be the instructor, I fully expect your fellow students to
also be a source of inspiration and learning for you, and for me.
See the following page for some ideas for class topics.  I look forward to meeting you and having fun exploring
the wonderful realm of art together!
Ideas for Class
Painting on a collaged surface
Exploring composition through
collage, abstract, and representational subject matter
Image transfer- different ways to
take an image and transfer it to paper or canvas
Painting with Ink and Watercolor
Line and shape as compositional
elements- what makes for a good shape or an interesting line?  Ideas for how to draw/paint them.
Sumi Brushes and other oriental
brushes- what fun!
Using a mouth atomizer and other
unique methods for paint/ink application
Exploring Yupo Paper- a relatively
new surface which allows for interesting effects due to its non-porous surface
Painting on surface prepared with
gloss medium
Thinking positively, but painting
negatively:  This skill can separate the
amateur artist from the professional
So you’ve completed a painting?
What now? A checklist  and some
suggestions for once you finish a piece.
Painting on an acrylic textured
Saying more by doing less- see how
wonderful paintings can be done in 50 strokes or less!
Rescue a Dog: Saving a lost
painting with Collage
Making your own Collage papers-
staining your paper in creative and unique ways
Painting on a colored ground
Making beads and using Fimo polymer
clay for sculpting jewelry and various creations
Making acrylic skins for use in
Gesture Drawing: do your figures
look “pasted on” or stiff?  Timed exercises
in drawing.
Painting a figure in your
landscape- Ideas to incorporate life into your landscape
Composition- Exploring various
compositional styles and their varying impact
Abstraction:  How about a guided approach to coming up with
a “good” non-representational image
Watercolor- Exploring tricks to
making corrections, graded washes, color mixing
Creating an appearance of texture
on your painting surface using stencils and various materials
Creating Funky Hearts in
Watermedia- Make a great painting out of a crazy mixed up mess.  You’re going to love this technique so much
that you’ll want to tackle many different subjects using the same approach
Funky Florals in Watermedia-  Make a great painting out of a crazy mixed up
Funky Landscapes in Watermedia- Make
a great painting out of a crazy mixed up mess.
Funky Personalized Crosses in
Watermedia-  Make a great painting out of
a crazy mixed up mess.
Funky Chickens in Watermedia- Make
a great painting out of a crazy mixed up mess.
Exploring the Use of Elegant Writer
Markers and Watercolor (never tried it? very cool!)
Exploring Acrylic Ink
Exploring the use of Acrylic lines
as a “resist” with watercolor
Exploring Use of Masking fluid and
other “resist” materials like crayons or pastels
Using the color wheel-  what’s the deal?
Painting with limited palette-
Analogous color palette, Triadic
The importance of intention- In Art
and In life what we do ideally should have an intention.  Exploring our intention and setting a goal
for our paintings.  Ways to do this…
Focal point:  What’s the point? Where is it?  How to get the viewer’s eye where you want it
to go.
Monoprinting with Watercolor and
Ink- Simple and Fun way to shift your painting toward Semi-abstraction
What’s in your paint box?  Fun exercises to learn more about your
paints, their properties, and how they behave.

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