New Class- Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain 

Now one of my favorite art books, by Betty Edwards, will be the basis of a new class I plan to teach on drawing. The best artists I know use regular drawing practice as a way to stay sharp, and to keep the connection between their hand and their eyes as coordinated as possible. Whether you are a beginner or a more established artist, I think this class may help you to set aside the time to improve the connection between your eyes and your hand.

Practice Makes Perfect

Pianists, string players, musicians of all stripes take lessons and practice regularly. Somehow as artists, we seem to forget the need to simply practice or warm up. We begin to think that we should somehow be able to come to our serious work and just DO IT. I am a firm believer that art class can be like having a personal trainer in the gym. It’s a way to make yourself accountable for taking the time to do something you want to do anyway.  Your classmates will become someone with whom you share the experience.  It’s all good!!

I’d love to have you join me and look forward to a few weeks of sharpening our drawing skills.  I hope you will come out for what is bound to be a great class.

Thursdays 12:30-2:30 PM 

Beginning in January 17 2013 through Feb 28 (no class Feb 14)

Minimum 4 required to begin.

6 weeks Cost $ 100    Call 843-839-2727 to register by phone or email me

Myrtle Beach, SC
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