Creative Charity Event- Rebecca Zdybel, Summer Turner, Art & Soul Gallery, and Dr. Janet Crain get creative in Fire Recovery Efforts

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Awaken Your Creative Self Workshop

The link above will take you to another article written about our recent fundraiser to Benefit the Carolina Forest Fire Victims Fund which is administrated by the Salvation Army.

It was an amazing evening where we did some writing, and reflection on getting around our Inner Critic in order to allow our creative best to come alive.  Together we were able to donate $815 to the Salvation Army Charitable efforts for the Fire Victims and their families.

We drew trees, and then painted them…and our special guest, Dr. Janet Crain, did anonymous interpretations of the meaning behind the symbolic choices in our trees.  She is the creator of the mobile app, “Draw Me a Tree”, and all of us were fascinated by what our trees might be telling us.  You may want to check it out for yourself!

Link to the “Draw Me a Tree” app

 Thanks to everyone who helped to make this special evening so rewarding for all concerned.  I’m so glad we did it!!!

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