30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 15- Favorite Drawing Tool

30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 15- Favorite Drawing Tool

For me, the sketchbooks are more like a secret and wholly spontaneous jeu d’esprit and some of them I like as much as anything I have ever done. They are invariably without premeditation. I mean not only that I have no plan when I make them, I also have no plan to make them. 
Robert Motherwell

Congratulations on reaching the half-way mark of our 30 Day Drawing Challenge!  I’m so proud of each of you that have taken the time to do drawings over the last 15 days!  Alright, I know a few of you are skipping, or doing more than one in a day, but it’s all good.  Drawing is NEVER a waste of time, and you’ll always be better off when you make that time for yourself.

Today I want to share a few favorite Drawing Tools with you. You may have a drawing tool you have come to love over the years.  I’m always interested in people’s favorite tools…because in all honesty, I am an art junky and I love to collect materials!  I’m going to share a few of my favorites and I encourage you to share yours with us in the comments below.  It would be fun to learn from one another.

Here’s a few of my favorite drawing tools: 
Elegant Writer Calligraphy Marker in Black Extra Fine Nib 
Zebra Gr8t Gel pen in Black
Staedtler Mars Graphic 3000 Black Marker
Stabilo Woody Crayon- I especially love the Black one
Caran d’ache crayons
Tombow 967 Marker
A chopstick whittled into a calligraphic nib dipped in walnut ink
Bamboo pens dipped in india ink

The list could go on, but these are all great!  If you have a drawing tool at home that you purchased but never used, now is your chance to try it out.  I got the Staedtler Mars Graphic 3000 marker out for this exercise, and enjoyed doing a contour drawing of a candlestick.  The marker lines can be softened with water for watercolor effects that lean toward a mauve/violet hue.  I liked it!  You might too!

Today’s Drawing Challenge: We are going in without a plan today…no plan, but to play around and see what happens!  I often find that MAGIC happens when I ask myself,”What if?” and then set about trying to find out…

  • Step 1- Pick a drawing tool you haven’t used before and try to draw with it. (e.g.  Charcoal, crayons, markers, sharpies, colored pencils…most of us have something in our possession we haven’t used to draw with)
  • Step 2- Use a contour drawing technique or use any approach you’d like.  
  • Step 3- Note somewhere on your drawing what the tool is that you are using.  
  • Step 4- Send me a photo and we can all sample what some of these different tools can do!  
Keep up the good work!  I’ll be back tomorrow with another challenge. If you’re enjoying this challenge, share it with your friends =)
Nice gradations of value making these look oh so round!

Love the formatting!

This cool font is called “Quigley Wiggly”- isn’t it great?! Send me your fonts and let’s share them!

I am wondering about the story behind this little fishy…?

If you “lose ink” when adding water…just let it dry and then add some more!  I love the design and the contours of the hair and the face!


Something about this design speaks to me 😉 What are the other fonts? So nice!
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