30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 16- Drawing Your Drink

30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 16- Draw Your Drink

Can it be that we are on the second half of our 30 Days of drawing?  Here we go…we’re on a roll now!

Drawing food or drink is an easy way to find a ready subject to draw.  Try drawing while waiting for a friend who’s late for a lunch date.  When traveling, create an art journal and record the restaurants or meals you eat. I’m sure at this point in the challenge you’ve found that drawing is just plain fun!   So let’s continue with today’s challenge will be to Draw Your Drink.  I have a lot of instructions, so let’s get right to it. 

Highlights are created by painting around them  Treat highlights as shapes.  Look closely…they are there and will glint brightly with big jumps of value if you’re drawing glass.  For this sketch, I used the Elegant Writer Black marker and watercolor for the yellow tones. 

Materials to use for this Challenge:
Elegant writer marker
water container
brush (small/medium round is fine)
Watercolor or watercolor pencil, acrylic ink, or watersoluble crayon for color

  • Step 1: Get out something to drink…it’s getting hotter and you’ve got to stay hydrated 😉
  • Step 2: Note where your drink is located and mark it’s location on the table (in case you move it or you get thirsty and take a sip)
  • Step 3:  If you have a camera, iPad, or a cell phone, take a photo before you get started.  This is important:  Take the photo from your viewpoint in the chair you plan to sit in.  This is because your perspective matters and will change the entire drawing if it changes.  This photo will be your back-up in case the drink moves or in case you move.  It will also be a way to “check your drawing”.  (I use this technique all the time when drawing on location.)
  • Step 4: Now draw your drink. Note any highlights on the glass or shiny surface.  Draw that highlight as a shape…oval, square, rectangle, cone.
  • Step 5: Note the top of the drink container is usually round.  However, if you view something round from an angle it becomes an oval or an elipse. The top of the drink will generally be the same as the bottom, so you may be able to make two of the same ovals once your get the correct shape.  If the container isn’t transparent or the shape of the container is different from top to bottom, then the top and the bottom will be different.  Remember this hint:  The bottom of glasses are not flat so don’t draw a straight line!  There are no straight lines on a curved surface. 
  • Step 6: Once you draw your drink, note any shadows your drink is casting…either on the surface of the table or within if the glass is transparent.
  • Step 7: Once you finish the drawing, you can add color to it with whatever you choose.
  • Step 8:  Take a photo of your drawing and send it to me…text or email is fine.

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Here are a few drawings from Fellow 30 Day Challengers…

I think this is drawing a rounded form from Day 11- but nice formatting!

Day 14- Elegant writer makes these simple studies so easy!

Day 14

Nicely done again everyone!  I can’t wait to see your drawings and share your favorite tools and see what you’re drinking  😉

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