30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 25- Draw a Teacup

This sketch was done initially as a contour drawing with Tombow 947 Water-soluble Marker. Watercolor and permanent black marker also used.
Note the color in these shadows!  ©Rebecca Zdybel

Guess what we are going to draw on Day 25 of our 30 Day Drawing challenge?

That’s right, a teacup.

I’ve been asking a lot of you throughout the course of this challenge.  After trying lots of new things, a bit of review might be time well spent. You’ve earned a day where you get to make some choices in how you will draw.  Today I am only going to suggest the subject matter.  The method you use will be up to you.


This sketch was done from life with only a Tombow 947 marker.  I had afternoon tea at a lovely Tea Room here in Venice, FL and took the opportunity to record the moment with this sketch.  So fun!  ©Rebecca Zdybel

I like to collect old china teacups, and lately I’ve been enjoying drawing them as well. We all probably have teacups somewhere in the cupboard, though yours may not look like mine.   Your assignment for today’s drawing challenge is to find a teacup and draw it.  I want you to use all your new superpower drawing skills!  They are now becoming more finely honed with each passing day, so I’m giving you freedom to channel them…here’s some thoughts:

  • Think about bringing color into your shadows.  If you use your Tombow marker again today, it will already impart a bit of color if you make it run with a wet brush.  The same would be true of other water-soluble drawing materials.
  • Consider whether you want to create a contour drawing of your subject or how you wish to approach it. (both of my sketches here began with contour drawings).
  • Perhaps you’d like to use continuous line contour, begin with a Toned Ground or take a photo and draw it upside-down.  If you’re not familiar with these approaches, then you can refer to these previous lessons by following these links:
  • What drawing tool will you use?  Tombow markers, Elegant writer, Pencil or perhaps some other new favorite drawing tool.  Use this lesson as an excuse to try something you’ve not yet tried, or to pull out something you know and love.  Whatever you choose will be perfect!
  • Will you simply draw, or will you possibly add watercolor or mix drawing tools together in the sketch?  You decide.

When you finish your sketch, photograph it and send it my way so we can share the fun.  Here are a couple of nice sketches from challengers that have recently come my way:

Day 24- Tombow Marker Sketch
Day 23- linking shapes with shadows


Enjoy your practice and I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun challenge to get a fire lit under your sketchbook… or something like that 😉

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