30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 26- Free Draw

30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 26- Free Draw

Day 26 of our 30 Day Drawing Challenge will be a chance to draw in your own way, with your own choice of tools.  I’ve given so many options over the course of this challenge.  Today you can try something again that you enjoyed, or take something that was difficult and practice it another time.  Perhaps you could combine ideas from a few different days…

©Rebecca Zdybel

For my example above, I again used the Tombow Marker 947 which I recommended you purchase.  (If you would like to get one, it’s around $5-6. Here is a link:  Tombow 947 Marker- Amazon)  I then formatted with a frame and added words for content.

For this example, I searched Google for a quote about orchids.  
Then I included it as part of  my sketch.
Contour Drawing with Tombow 947 Marker and Watercolor. ©Rebecca Zdybel 
Here are some more ideas:
  • Bring Balance and Content to your sketch with words…as I have in some of these sketches. For some examples of great fonts you might use follow this link:  30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 13- Find a Favorite Font
  • Create a vignette version of your image or soften the background around your image.  Here’s the link that explains how to do it:  30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 17- How to Vignette
  • Think about formatting your image after drawing it by creating a frame that contains or intersects your image in an interesting way. Part of learning how to draw, is learning how to present your drawings and compose your work. These little drawing tricks are very helpful, but they need practice!  
    • Frames, words, and a little pop of color can add pizazz and lend composition to a solitary image.  Kind of like dressing it up or putting on makeup.  Your drawing may be inherently good looking, but it may look better with a little sumpthin’ sumpthin’ (that’s how we say it down here in the South). I explain this concept more fully here: 30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 12- Draw, Format, Paint
Notice how the tape pattern on the brush handle is repeated in the background frame.
The curves of the lettering are also repeated in the curved edges of the frame.  This repetition brings harmony and improves the design of an otherwise simple sketch.  ©Rebecca Zdybel

Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy the meditative and personally rewarding aspect of making time to draw.  When you do, you will really see what’s in front of you.  My time spent on art is always enriching, and I hope your time spent on this challenge ends up making you feel the same.  I’ll be back with another challenge for you tomorrow…

Don’t forget to send me your drawings! rebecca@rebeccazartist.com

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Here are some photos of fellow challengers’ sketches…

Elegant Writer markers in various colors.  Nice vignette in the background!  
Zentangle is addicting…and when they turn out this well you can see why! Here’s a link to my lesson on How to Zentangle from Day 20: https://rebeccazartist.com/2015/05/30-day-drawing-challenge-day-21_21.html
From Day 26- Draw a Teacup.  Beautifully done!

Happy Drawing!

I’ll look forward to seeing what you do in your “free” time today. Don’t forget to send me photos of your drawings =)

Rebecca Zdybel
Artist, Instructor, Art-Travel Instructor
Art Lessons: Drawing, Watercolor, Acrylic, Collage, Mixed Media
Myrtle Beach, SC

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