Art Addicts Anonymous- This group could be for YOU!

I often feel as if I run a support group for Art Addicts.  I’m thinking of calling our meetings Art Addicts Anonymous (AAA), but most of you would call it “art class”.  Maybe we don’t have a problem.  Maybe there is a bit of genetics involved. Perhaps its transmitted through contact with other artists.  (They are a crazy bunch sometimes!)   Maybe it’s carried by the art bug.  Once bitten, I can testify that a full blown case of art addiction can result.  No matter how you acquire it, the phenomenon of art addiction is real and seems contagious!

Gates of Heaven
Gicleé Prints/cards available

If this was a meeting of AAA (Art Addicts Anonymous) I’d have to begin with this introduction:

“Hello, my name is Rebecca Zdybel, and I am an art addict.  Even worse, I can often be found trying to entice others to share my addiction.  I love being in Right Brain Mode and exploring new ways of creating art.  It’s a high of sorts, but one that leaves me feeling alert, refreshed and HAPPY!

“Sweet Surrender”
Watercolor, crayon resist, Aqua sticks, Acrylic and Interference Paint.
22X15  Matted/Framed

I can’t get enough of learning new things and celebrating what is beautiful around me.

Watercolor with Acrylic resist

A new technique simply makes me want to see what else might be out there to try!  I am a technique junkie. The more I do, the more I want to do.  I do not think my habit is a problem, nor do I want to quit. In fact, I want everyone to be able to do it with me! Do you think I have a problem?

The paintings here are examples of some of the many techniques I enjoy and like to share with students.

Collage, Watercolor, gouache, and acrylic

Can you relate to the idea of being captivated by learning and creating art?  Perhaps you should join our group. We meet regularly and offer all kinds of support. ?

I have come to believe that art is good for everyone at any age.  Many adults I encounter have experienced discouragement in their formative years.  Someone made a not-so-wise crack about something you did, and you believed them.  You may think there’s no hope for yourself when it comes to art.  You’ve heard it, perhaps you’ve even said it:
“I can’t draw a stick figure” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”.

Over and over I have shown people how WRONG they are when they say things like that!

Cretacolor Aqua briques and water
Gicleé Prints/cards available

Our societal perceptions about making art are way off the mark.  Somehow we think that to be an artist you’ve got to be born with that “special something”  or with “talent”.   I have to disagree…STRONGLY.  Its my belief that anyone can become an artist so long as you are willing to dedicate the time and energy required to learn the process and master the craft.  It CAN be taught.  =)

22X30 Original $2999
Giclee prints available
Mixed Media of Watercolor, Acrylic, mouth atomization, and collage.

We have the gift of long lives these days.  As we pass through life, there are often seasons when we are looking for an opportunity to fill our time productively or redefine how we use our time. The kids may be gone, you may have just retired, perhaps your job is eating you alive, or you simply need another positive outlet for your energy.  Art is the perfect way of keeping intellectually and physically occupied. What’s more it’s positive, healthy and IT’S FUN!

 Besides all that, it’s never too late.  Many of the best artists I know are well into their 70’s and 80’s.  They are vital and still enjoying every minute they get to paint.  I want that for myself.  Getting old, does not seem to be a hindrance if you are an artist…how many things can you say that about? Research proves that cognitive functioning is improved by participants in art class!
Watercolor and Ink $129 Framed
Le Vieux Lilies
Watercolor and collage 22X15  $429 Framed

Mary Todd Beam (who is still painting and teaching art well into her 80″s) said this to me recently,  ” As artists we have a gift, and the gift is not complete until it is shared. “.  Don’t you just love it?

I encourage you to share your interest and your gift.  Whether you do so by sharing your artwork or taking classes with others who have a similar interest.

She’s Got Game
charcoal and Ink wash
11X15  matted/black frame  $429
“Swimming with the Fishes”
Acrylic and Watercolor
22X15 Matted/Platinum finish frame

What do you think?  Are you intrigued by art?  Have you felt the pull but hesitated to start something new?  Are you looking for something stimulating to occupy your mind and your heart?  I encourage you to answer the siren’s call, and follow your heart straight to art class.  You may find a whole world of stimulating knowledge and experiences will await you…I sure did!  If you have the bug and want some support, then you can join my classes where we hold our regular Art Addicts Anonymous meetings.  I will be happy to introduce you to others who are just like you!  Contact me or check the calendar on my website for up to date information on my teaching schedule.

Classes will resume on Saturday June 4, 2016

  • Watercolor Wednesdays- We sometimes mix it up, but we concentrate on all things watercolor. 1-4 PM.
  • Saturday Sessions- 1-4 PM: All media welcome.  Bring your project, or I’ll help you come up with something based on the many lessons I have available.


Steve Rogers San-Marco-for-WM Steve in Skopelos

My classes are not the only way to indulge your curiosity.  I have a fantastically gifted watercolorist coming oceanfront to a resort in beautiful Myrtle Beach November 13-18, 2016.  Steve Rogers NWS AWS TWSA will be here for 1 week of instruction with his watercolor workshop titled: Painting Light and Color in Watercolor.  $550 for the week, includes Sunday afternoon set-up/intro session, classes 9-4 PM Monday thru Friday,  and a group meal during the week.  Sign up today for what is sure to be a fantastic week of learning and fun! Click this link for the full brochure: Watercolor Workshop 2016 Steve Rogers NWS low res

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“Misty Hill Town”
Watercolor and Ink with wax resist


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